Sunday, 13 July 2014


I enjoy posing and showing off outfits that sculpt the body. Not that I don’t have a mind of my own or that I require approval, but a catwalk during my trials is my “feel good factor”. Rarely a lone shopper, my last shopping escapade with my bestie, Dhanashree was proof of my fixation with florals.
Flowers have reigned in art, fashion and architecture throughout the ages. Floral motifs have always ruled the wardrobe of woman as a timeless charm. The best part is that a floral print can never go out of season. All that is required of a sleek and simple floral dress is a sprinkle of attitude.

My better half’s first gift to me was a flower motif pendant. Mom-in-law adorned me with delicate floral design gold bangles for my little fat Indian wedding. My Floralmania is so explicit  that it is visible in my jewellery, my clothing, and even my home decor. J 

This girly impulse is brought out by the mind-numbing rush of colors in hibiscus pinks, ocean blues, and citrus hues. I sometimes wish I was a flower. It does not end there  - if I were a flower, I’d be a purple orchid. I would have the power to brighten up a dull atmosphere by adding elegance just by my presence.

Every time we meet, my girlfriend and I talk about random stuff (from Big Data to Varun Dhawan :D). The tummy is so full of gossip to share that a fortnight is not enough to sum up the craziness between us.
Ever since Forever21 has opened at the Viviana mall in Thane, it is the first place you can find me every time I am in Mumbai. With my previous shopping experience fresh in my mind, I am excited to share the goodies that I picked up. The spring collection was stocked up and I was Rohita in Wonderland. I could not resist buying a floral crop top and a pair of floral bellies.

Enjoy my picks from Forever21 with envy! (add evil laughter here :p). 

How have your shopping experiences been?? Leave your comments below and share your shopping escapades. :)
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  1. Good post on flora. Next pls post about fauna:-)

  2. Fun frolicking florals!! Well thought of.

  3. I like Rahul's comment! :P

    Wish there was a BUY button next to the pics! Vibrant post! :)

    1. hehe :P

      I will give your idea a try, Aneesha :D