Monday, 28 July 2014


As soon as we landed at Changi airport, we boarded the metro train (cheapest mode of transport) to reach our hotel in Little India. The automated voice “lady” in the train spoke in a language that I am familiar with. A few seconds later, I realized that the language was Tamil (surprise surprise!!) Tamil is recognized as the Indian language in Singapore (Didn’t see that one coming!).

From its wide-empty-clean roads to a distinct variety of people, an Indian is sure to fall in love with Singapore. We knew that budget travelling would require us to stay at a cheap hotel. Don’t be repulsed by the word “cheap”. The place was without a speck of dirt and had a very homely feel. There were 4 of us and so we stayed in a room with 2 bunk beds (yeyy from childhood) and attached bathroom (thankfully!). Even though we were cramped for space, it was nice to be together – arguing, fighting, planning, sharing,  and cracking jokes.

Little India is actually a very modern India. It has elements from home, such as temples, Colaba-like stores, and large Indian population. With the prevalence of South Indian restaurants, this place is a modern South India. The South Indian food in Little India can elicit such awe that, other than ghar ka khana, this is the best food I have eaten from down-south (cannot forget the mouth-watering Bisibelabath/Sambar rice).

Speaking about the locals in Singapore, I was intimidated by the glowing skin, lean bodies and silky hair. I wonder how none of them have chubby ankles or big feet or hairy legs (which “normal” people do have). As time went on, I solved this riddle. If seafood is available in such profusion and if it is incorporated in the daily diet with minimal spices, fat and sugar, who cannot be fit, right?

Chubby legs are generally not flattering when you want to wear “super short” shorts every day. If Sari is our national attire, a pair of Black Shorts is Singaporean uniform (not kidding). I saw striped tees and black shorts in excess.

As part of our excursions, we took the Duck tour. This does not imply a tour in the lake with Ducks (fyi - I thought of the same). It starts with a ride on the bus which is in the shape of a Duck and pretty eyes on it :). After a few minutes on the road, the bus gushes into the water and we get to explore the city through the water bay. Since all the exquisite architecture of the heritage buildings and the mighty structures of the financial area are built close to the water, this is a most enjoyable experience.

Our guide was Chinese who had gob smacking sarcastic humor, which was a fun way to share highlights of the cityscape. One such mention was about Singapore Flyer, one of the most attractive structures that define the city. The Flyer used to rotate in clockwise direction. Call it superstition or belief, the government changed the direction to anti-clockwise. Their reasoning was that since the financial sector lies on the left side of the Flyer, a clockwise rotation takes you out of the financial area (supposedly a bad omen!) They spent billions just to change the direction of the Flyer  (wow! rich people!). 

On our first day, we walked our way to explore the area near the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Merlion. The grandeur of Marina Bay is at par as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and it has transformed Singapore’s skyline. The hotel, with a SkyPark on top, is open for visitors. The 360-degree view from the 57th floor of the SkyPark is mesmerizing. The laser show from the top and the city lights at night are a great way enjoy a beautiful starry evening.

The Singapore Merlion is their national symbol with a story and a reason behind it (Google it!). Even though the area near the Merlion is overcrowded (with people taking endless selfies), that is the area which makes you realize – Yes! I am in Singapore.☺ If Philippines is the Selfie city of the world, Singapore is not far behind. Selfie phones are the most popular in Singapore where the front camera has more megapixels. If this craze continues, the Selfie monopod will soon replace the Merlion as the national symbol!

We managed to reach Gardens By the Bay on time for the Light Show. It is nothing like what I have ever seen before. All the tombs in the Garden are lit up and then the Avatar-like music takes you into a wonderful magical world. Sleep on the floor and stare at the flower studded tombs for the show - Bliss.

Putting up some of my favorite pictures of the city. Enjoy!

This is my first post in the Singapore Series. More to come - Fun experiences at Universal Studios, th zoo and the Jurong Bird Park. I will also cover a post on the Tips and Tricks when you are travelling to Singapore.

Watch this space in the coming days if you are planning a budget vacation to Singapore.

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  1. Sounds like super fun! Isn't it a fashion haven too...what's their fashion statement? Awaiting for more posts!!

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