Wednesday, 20 August 2014

5 tips to get your 100 LIKES

It irks me that only a few of the girls that I have photographed (for the MyProjectRunway section) are aware of their best features. It is most important to know about the angles in which you look great in a picture. In our age of social media where an #instadaily is almost a must, looking bad in pictures will soon be a crime. I agree that this is an exaggeration, but identifying and highlighting your best features works wonders for you when you are posting these pictures for a large global audience.

Keep reading this post for my 5 tips that will definitely get you those 100 LIKES that you have always wanted.
Based on my personal experiences and by popular demand, I recommend the following tips:

1) Concealer + Compact + Kajal + Lipstick = “WOW!! Who is that girl?!”

I recommend using this CCKL combination in the mentioned order. Even if you are not a make-up person, use one of these four to highlight your best features. I enhance my eyes with a bold kajal and mascara so that they shine bright in the pictures (the secret is out!). For you, it could be a bright lipstick. Find out what is that CCKL product that makes you look the best.

2) Profiles and Angles
Perfect poses lead to a GREAT image :)
The LEFT profile works for most people. If you have a wide face or waist, a side profile is more flattering. If you think you have huge arms, a straight profile with a side face works better (try it! It works!!). Also, consider working with the outfit you are wearing. For instance, if you have pockets in your outfit then pose with your hands in your pockets – that pose generally never fails.:)

3) Sunlight
The Sun shines bright on her face. Love it!
The most flattering selfies come about under bright sunlight. The sun rays can provide a shortcut to an added glow and shine that we all hope for in pictures. If a tan is your fear, stand near a window. The bright light from the outdoors along with the window bars are the makings of a great composition for a pensive/retrospective/nostalgic mood.

4) That One Piece of Jewellery

Jewellery, if worn correctly, makes any outfit look better. However, you are not required to weigh yourself down under every piece you own. Wear that one piece of jewellery that goes well with the outfit. This is what makes you feel more desirable and confident. I dislike stepping out of the house without earrings to avoid looking sad and grumpy. For another friend, it is her nose-ring. She feels that the nose-ring takes away peoples’ attention from her wide face.

5) A Effervescent Smile perfect smile :)
Lose that quack-quack duck face in your selfies. It is a turn off of ugly duckling proportions! Your first pout is a warning – you repeat it and it a crime! Any idea about what works the best in pictures? YOUR SMILE. Some of us are Chandler Bing with those crooked smiles when it comes to facing the camera. Grandma Rohita has a solution for that as well – just flash those lovely pearly whites.:P 

Bonus tip - A picture always looks better when it connects with the audience with a back story. Since the entire frame has a story to tell, I feel that dinner pictures with food on the table always attracts a large audience (foodies will hit LIKE the quickest:P). 
So, the next time when posing for pictures or when taking selfies, impress yourself and you will definitely impress an audience.:)

Apply these tips and send me your selfies, pictures with friends, travel pictures ( Let me call this myfadeddenim's #BringOutTheStar challenge. I will feature all the pictures on my Blog and my Facebook page. Start CLICKING....
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Thursday, 14 August 2014

#elegant The Black Swan

Natalie Portman's Black Swan brought my attention to the elegant bird with its tall and slender neck. Just like the craning neck creates an illusion of height, my post is about helping out girls with creating similar illusions.:)

Recently, it strikes me that short and petite girls tend to avoid floor-length maxis or ankle-length jumpsuits. I presume that the general excuses are about the length (too long!), the fit (too loose!) or the requirement of supplementing the dress with super high heels (Oh the discomfort!). 
My 5-feet TALL sister-in-law boohoos about floor length dress making her look shorter (like that is possible at her height!) and stouter (again, I disagree). Her descriptions of herself are almost Hobbit-like!:P

IMHO, a Jumpsuit does not make you look like Bilbo Baggins! On the contrary, if worn correctly, a jumpsuit can flatter your body shape perfectly.

TIP 1 – Shop at stores that stock up clothing styles for petite girls. Asos has a jumpsuit section especially for petite women of under 5'3"/1.60m. With the perfect length and fit, forget about alterations.

TIP 2 – Throw on a belt and show off those curves. The belt helps in accentuating the waist area even if the jumpsuit has no definition.

TIP 3 – Priyanka Chopra carries off 5-inch pointy heels like she is wearing flip-flops. Not everyone can pull off heels like her! But, there must be an alternative, right? The secret is out and there is a solution – WEDGES (like you did not know this already! Just reiterating :P). They give you the extra height required and brands these days stock up superrrr comfortable ones. As an alternative, try the small kitten heels for added glamour and relative comfort (shown in a pic below).

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are known to team up their jumpsuits either with sneakers or heels. Note the belt giving definition to the waist area.

Little did I know that for a petite girl like my friend, Neha, the favorite item in her closet is a BLACK JUMPSUIT
When doing this photoshoot with Neha, we were trying to achieve a classy look perfect for a business meeting or a lavish dinner date. The frivolity in a classy look is my favorite part. It is a neat and simple look with minimalistic jewellery and no added fuss. A high sleek ponytail, and a big metallic watch complete this chic look. 
Neha stands tall (yes I am using the word tall!) and classy in this Black number. She looks as  elegant and sharp as a Beautiful Black Swan.

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Jumpsuit, Watch - Local Market
Shoes – Catwalk
Accessories - Flea Market, Dubai
Nail Color - Elle 18 Pop Color
Kajal - Maybelline Gel Kajal

I would love to know your views/feedback, leave your comments below. :)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


A Silver jewellery fanatic and a BIG FAN of Sabyasachi, she says her ultimate style icon is Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter best known for her self-portraits. Her quote, “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly.” Inspires my girl. Her 2 tops featuring Frida Kahlo portraits bring her closer to her icon. Dressing up comes very naturally to her and she selects her outfits depending on her MOTD. For those not Twitter aware, that's Mood Of The Day'.

Shruti Rane, a marketing professional/writer/blogger, loves everything unique and can find uniqueness in everything. Very whimsically (and musically at that), she says, “The creative bug makes me restless!! Fashion is my high that I cannot get over”. This high was prevalent 3 years ago when she almost had me considering a Sabyasachi outfit for my wedding (Shruti, that was some infectious high!!) To top that off, she  introduced me to antique gold jewellery (which I wore) and also nailed down on the wedding make-up artist. “Darling! You rocked at that time! This is me thanking you for the wide world to see!”:)

Speaking of weddings, her first memory of fashion is her mom's wedding sari. The affinity for silver comes across here since she loves the timeless and intricate silver thread work that shines today as well. PS: I think her wedding outfit is done. :P

Finally, she speaks of her personal style that actually speaks volumes in itself. - a denim shirt, a pair of brogues, and a quirky pair of glasses (style + simplicity). She says that she is most comfortable in her pajamas and tee (and we all echo this fact, don't we?). Ask her about her shopping paradise and pat comes the response, “who cares about the brand if it looks good (or, for that matter,  does not look good!!)” (I cannot agree more!).

Recently, myFadedDenim and BombayMode (her blog) teamed up for a photoshoot project. We conceptualized it as an outfit post for BombayMode and what better than this to feature in my 'MY PROJECT RUNWAY' series .

Check out my Bohemian mate, teaming up her cotton jumpsuit with colorful and quirky accessories. Even though we met after years, with our constant chatter about fashion, life, and love – it was an amazing day.:)

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Jumpsuit, Brogues - Hill Road, Bandra
Ballerinas, Aviators, Fedora – Forever21
Bag - Globus
Scarf - PopFashion
Neckpiece - Blur Fashion Accessories
Bow-tie - IndiaCircus

I would love to know your views/feedback, leave your comments below. :)

Monday, 4 August 2014

#SummerSavior O Linen! My Linen!

Recently, one of my Punjabi kudi friends expressed her angst about choosing her clothes. After reading the What to wear/What not to wear post, she said, “I am jealous looking at all those lovely clothes that I cannot fit in”. I tried to convince her that if I can pull off some of those outfits (with my paunch), she can as well. :)

Is it THAT difficult for curvy people to find clothes? Or are they not confident enough to wear them? I think it is a mix of both. Since most Web sites and magazines are hoarded with lean figure girls, it is the mindset that only they can pull off a short tulle skirt or a bodycon dress. It is not true!!
There will come a day when I will demand from these advertising geniuses/print media/photographers/shopping brands – What about people like us? What about a curvy girl, with a larger waist size? Should we just wear jeans? Are we not allowed to wear a skirt or shorts?

Brands like AND are saviors that account for the existence of girls like us (normal people!). :p Also, I have noticed that an 'L size' tee of a another brand does not fit but an 'M size' tee from ONLY fits perfectly.

I recommend choosing the correct brand, selecting the perfect stitch and design for your body type, and finally layering with the right amount of accessories.

Pictures say louder than words. To support my recommendations, I am sharing a set of my pictures posing on the beautiful lanes of Singapore. It was hot and we were riled with perspiration. The best choice of material that I made was to wear Linen. As I stated in my previous post, stick to linen since linen won't stick to you. A green linen shirt and a black linen skirt was definitely my savior for the Singapore expedition.

To sum up, stay curvy and happy since there exist fashion labels for you that you can select clothes from.
If  the kudi is convinced after reading this post, I am more than half-way there.

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Forest Green Nail Polish :) bomber!

Shirt, Skirt – Marks & Spencer
Shoes – Forever21
Bag – Aldo

I would love to know your views/feedback, leave your comments below. :)

Friday, 1 August 2014


SHORTS SHORTS SHORTS—the travel outfit mantra for Singapore

Have you ever made a travel faux pax? I have! (And I know that I will continue to make in every single trip I take in the future. :p) The best I can do is minimize the amount of blunders and keep my fingers crossed. :D

Since Singapore is a tropical island, you are bound to experience heat and rain at the same time. The saving grace is that the unpleasant showers clear off quickly. Unfortunately, the perspiration levels  swing upwards every time it rains. This commonly leads to ikkyness and irritation.

My first and biggest tip to you is not to shy away from wearing sleeveless tops or shorter hemlines. If you are uncomfortable in either, stick to Linen since Linen won't stick to you. Don’t even think about layering it up!

When travelling to Singapore, the routine itinerary is to visit Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, Zoo, Night Safari, and Jurong Bird park. These excursions demand walking, hectic travelling, some more walking, being out the entire day, and finally, (you guessed it) a lot more walking.
I dare you to wear skin tight jeans and a full sleeves top to any of these places. Talk about the definition of what not to wear! 

Here's an idea! Rather than just talking about this, I am chalking down a list of the do’s and don’ts to wear in Singapore. Hope you guys benefit from this post and you save you from over-packing (which BTW costs more money on low-cost carriers!). :)



When you want to take on the Luge at Sentosa (I wore a skirt – LOL!) or on any ride for that matter – these are not only comfortable but they are also light on the body. The pant style helps in not being conscious when enjoying these rides.


The national uniform in Singapore is shorts. My initial  wonderment about the reason for this 'patriotism' to shorts was nullified as soon as stepped out in the heat. Combine a pair of shorts (bermudas, denim cut-offs, printed shorts) with a tee. Add a feminine touch by wearing a floral or strappy top. If you are uncomfortable wearing shorts, try Cullotes. They are knee lenth, loose, airy, and super-chic.

Shift Dresses/Midi’s/Maxi’s

When exploring the city or going for a dinner, you would want to dress up to look more girly. If you do not have time to change, wear shift dresses, shirt dresses, maxis, and midis. They are comfortable during the day and can be adorned with accessories for the evening.

Sun Hats/Fedoras/Caps

To avoid tanning and to keep your head cool keep a cap or a hat with you, at all times.


Heels are a BIG NO NO on holidays. What is the point of carrying such “weapons” when you cannot use them without losing your sanity.
Sightseeing needs comfortable shoes with flat soles to avoid pains and bruises. Strappy Flats, Ballerinas, Sandals, Sneakers are best for long walks. Try Wedges on days when you travel less.


Skin tight Jeans
Crochet Tops
Cardigans/Jackets (LOL!)
Thick Scarfs
Full hand Shirts/Full hand T-Shirts
Pencil Skirts
Bodycon dresses

We are all prone to the over-packing habit. This leads to excess luggage during travelling and confusion while selecting the clothes to wear.

Hope this post helps all you ladies when shopping for the travel, packing bags and avoiding confusion. I am sure the husbands will be happy to take the excess baggage off instead of lugging all the weight themselves. :D

Share your travel experiences and leave comments below.