Wednesday, 20 August 2014

5 tips to get your 100 LIKES

It irks me that only a few of the girls that I have photographed (for the MyProjectRunway section) are aware of their best features. It is most important to know about the angles in which you look great in a picture. In our age of social media where an #instadaily is almost a must, looking bad in pictures will soon be a crime. I agree that this is an exaggeration, but identifying and highlighting your best features works wonders for you when you are posting these pictures for a large global audience.

Keep reading this post for my 5 tips that will definitely get you those 100 LIKES that you have always wanted.
Based on my personal experiences and by popular demand, I recommend the following tips:

1) Concealer + Compact + Kajal + Lipstick = “WOW!! Who is that girl?!”

I recommend using this CCKL combination in the mentioned order. Even if you are not a make-up person, use one of these four to highlight your best features. I enhance my eyes with a bold kajal and mascara so that they shine bright in the pictures (the secret is out!). For you, it could be a bright lipstick. Find out what is that CCKL product that makes you look the best.

2) Profiles and Angles
Perfect poses lead to a GREAT image :)
The LEFT profile works for most people. If you have a wide face or waist, a side profile is more flattering. If you think you have huge arms, a straight profile with a side face works better (try it! It works!!). Also, consider working with the outfit you are wearing. For instance, if you have pockets in your outfit then pose with your hands in your pockets – that pose generally never fails.:)

3) Sunlight
The Sun shines bright on her face. Love it!
The most flattering selfies come about under bright sunlight. The sun rays can provide a shortcut to an added glow and shine that we all hope for in pictures. If a tan is your fear, stand near a window. The bright light from the outdoors along with the window bars are the makings of a great composition for a pensive/retrospective/nostalgic mood.

4) That One Piece of Jewellery

Jewellery, if worn correctly, makes any outfit look better. However, you are not required to weigh yourself down under every piece you own. Wear that one piece of jewellery that goes well with the outfit. This is what makes you feel more desirable and confident. I dislike stepping out of the house without earrings to avoid looking sad and grumpy. For another friend, it is her nose-ring. She feels that the nose-ring takes away peoples’ attention from her wide face.

5) A Effervescent Smile perfect smile :)
Lose that quack-quack duck face in your selfies. It is a turn off of ugly duckling proportions! Your first pout is a warning – you repeat it and it a crime! Any idea about what works the best in pictures? YOUR SMILE. Some of us are Chandler Bing with those crooked smiles when it comes to facing the camera. Grandma Rohita has a solution for that as well – just flash those lovely pearly whites.:P 

Bonus tip - A picture always looks better when it connects with the audience with a back story. Since the entire frame has a story to tell, I feel that dinner pictures with food on the table always attracts a large audience (foodies will hit LIKE the quickest:P). 
So, the next time when posing for pictures or when taking selfies, impress yourself and you will definitely impress an audience.:)

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  4. Another tip: have a lot of guys in your friend list!!!