Thursday, 14 August 2014

#elegant The Black Swan

Natalie Portman's Black Swan brought my attention to the elegant bird with its tall and slender neck. Just like the craning neck creates an illusion of height, my post is about helping out girls with creating similar illusions.:)

Recently, it strikes me that short and petite girls tend to avoid floor-length maxis or ankle-length jumpsuits. I presume that the general excuses are about the length (too long!), the fit (too loose!) or the requirement of supplementing the dress with super high heels (Oh the discomfort!). 
My 5-feet TALL sister-in-law boohoos about floor length dress making her look shorter (like that is possible at her height!) and stouter (again, I disagree). Her descriptions of herself are almost Hobbit-like!:P

IMHO, a Jumpsuit does not make you look like Bilbo Baggins! On the contrary, if worn correctly, a jumpsuit can flatter your body shape perfectly.

TIP 1 – Shop at stores that stock up clothing styles for petite girls. Asos has a jumpsuit section especially for petite women of under 5'3"/1.60m. With the perfect length and fit, forget about alterations.

TIP 2 – Throw on a belt and show off those curves. The belt helps in accentuating the waist area even if the jumpsuit has no definition.

TIP 3 – Priyanka Chopra carries off 5-inch pointy heels like she is wearing flip-flops. Not everyone can pull off heels like her! But, there must be an alternative, right? The secret is out and there is a solution – WEDGES (like you did not know this already! Just reiterating :P). They give you the extra height required and brands these days stock up superrrr comfortable ones. As an alternative, try the small kitten heels for added glamour and relative comfort (shown in a pic below).

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are known to team up their jumpsuits either with sneakers or heels. Note the belt giving definition to the waist area.

Little did I know that for a petite girl like my friend, Neha, the favorite item in her closet is a BLACK JUMPSUIT
When doing this photoshoot with Neha, we were trying to achieve a classy look perfect for a business meeting or a lavish dinner date. The frivolity in a classy look is my favorite part. It is a neat and simple look with minimalistic jewellery and no added fuss. A high sleek ponytail, and a big metallic watch complete this chic look. 
Neha stands tall (yes I am using the word tall!) and classy in this Black number. She looks as  elegant and sharp as a Beautiful Black Swan.

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Jumpsuit, Watch - Local Market
Shoes – Catwalk
Accessories - Flea Market, Dubai
Nail Color - Elle 18 Pop Color
Kajal - Maybelline Gel Kajal

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  1. Awwww..u always make me look beautiful..and such a fab article! :)

    1. Miss.Nautanki....your effervescence always helps to capture great shots...thanks for the compliments on the writing :)

  2. Black is always elegant! Write a post on how dark skin can wear black without looking dull...Crisp post and clean shots!

  3. Sure Aneesha will do a post on that soon :) thank you for your lovely words dahhling....