Friday, 1 August 2014


SHORTS SHORTS SHORTS—the travel outfit mantra for Singapore

Have you ever made a travel faux pax? I have! (And I know that I will continue to make in every single trip I take in the future. :p) The best I can do is minimize the amount of blunders and keep my fingers crossed. :D

Since Singapore is a tropical island, you are bound to experience heat and rain at the same time. The saving grace is that the unpleasant showers clear off quickly. Unfortunately, the perspiration levels  swing upwards every time it rains. This commonly leads to ikkyness and irritation.

My first and biggest tip to you is not to shy away from wearing sleeveless tops or shorter hemlines. If you are uncomfortable in either, stick to Linen since Linen won't stick to you. Don’t even think about layering it up!

When travelling to Singapore, the routine itinerary is to visit Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, Zoo, Night Safari, and Jurong Bird park. These excursions demand walking, hectic travelling, some more walking, being out the entire day, and finally, (you guessed it) a lot more walking.
I dare you to wear skin tight jeans and a full sleeves top to any of these places. Talk about the definition of what not to wear! 

Here's an idea! Rather than just talking about this, I am chalking down a list of the do’s and don’ts to wear in Singapore. Hope you guys benefit from this post and you save you from over-packing (which BTW costs more money on low-cost carriers!). :)



When you want to take on the Luge at Sentosa (I wore a skirt – LOL!) or on any ride for that matter – these are not only comfortable but they are also light on the body. The pant style helps in not being conscious when enjoying these rides.


The national uniform in Singapore is shorts. My initial  wonderment about the reason for this 'patriotism' to shorts was nullified as soon as stepped out in the heat. Combine a pair of shorts (bermudas, denim cut-offs, printed shorts) with a tee. Add a feminine touch by wearing a floral or strappy top. If you are uncomfortable wearing shorts, try Cullotes. They are knee lenth, loose, airy, and super-chic.

Shift Dresses/Midi’s/Maxi’s

When exploring the city or going for a dinner, you would want to dress up to look more girly. If you do not have time to change, wear shift dresses, shirt dresses, maxis, and midis. They are comfortable during the day and can be adorned with accessories for the evening.

Sun Hats/Fedoras/Caps

To avoid tanning and to keep your head cool keep a cap or a hat with you, at all times.


Heels are a BIG NO NO on holidays. What is the point of carrying such “weapons” when you cannot use them without losing your sanity.
Sightseeing needs comfortable shoes with flat soles to avoid pains and bruises. Strappy Flats, Ballerinas, Sandals, Sneakers are best for long walks. Try Wedges on days when you travel less.


Skin tight Jeans
Crochet Tops
Cardigans/Jackets (LOL!)
Thick Scarfs
Full hand Shirts/Full hand T-Shirts
Pencil Skirts
Bodycon dresses

We are all prone to the over-packing habit. This leads to excess luggage during travelling and confusion while selecting the clothes to wear.

Hope this post helps all you ladies when shopping for the travel, packing bags and avoiding confusion. I am sure the husbands will be happy to take the excess baggage off instead of lugging all the weight themselves. :D

Share your travel experiences and leave comments below.  


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  3. Can we wear skirt dungaree??

  4. Grt analysis...helped me clear my luggage packs fr my tour..ty