Monday, 4 August 2014

#SummerSavior O Linen! My Linen!

Recently, one of my Punjabi kudi friends expressed her angst about choosing her clothes. After reading the What to wear/What not to wear post, she said, “I am jealous looking at all those lovely clothes that I cannot fit in”. I tried to convince her that if I can pull off some of those outfits (with my paunch), she can as well. :)

Is it THAT difficult for curvy people to find clothes? Or are they not confident enough to wear them? I think it is a mix of both. Since most Web sites and magazines are hoarded with lean figure girls, it is the mindset that only they can pull off a short tulle skirt or a bodycon dress. It is not true!!
There will come a day when I will demand from these advertising geniuses/print media/photographers/shopping brands – What about people like us? What about a curvy girl, with a larger waist size? Should we just wear jeans? Are we not allowed to wear a skirt or shorts?

Brands like AND are saviors that account for the existence of girls like us (normal people!). :p Also, I have noticed that an 'L size' tee of a another brand does not fit but an 'M size' tee from ONLY fits perfectly.

I recommend choosing the correct brand, selecting the perfect stitch and design for your body type, and finally layering with the right amount of accessories.

Pictures say louder than words. To support my recommendations, I am sharing a set of my pictures posing on the beautiful lanes of Singapore. It was hot and we were riled with perspiration. The best choice of material that I made was to wear Linen. As I stated in my previous post, stick to linen since linen won't stick to you. A green linen shirt and a black linen skirt was definitely my savior for the Singapore expedition.

To sum up, stay curvy and happy since there exist fashion labels for you that you can select clothes from.
If  the kudi is convinced after reading this post, I am more than half-way there.

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Forest Green Nail Polish :) bomber!

Shirt, Skirt – Marks & Spencer
Shoes – Forever21
Bag – Aldo

I would love to know your views/feedback, leave your comments below. :)


  1. Your linen look is elegant and cool! Great writing as well :) chin up! Eagerly waiting for your next piece

  2. Who is that good-looking guy in the last pic? #GenuineKoshchan

  3. This post has the most hits coz of that good-looking guy :P

  4. I am a curvy girl myself and I dress up as per my body type and dont follow trends blindly...Frankly most girls dont know their body shape and thats where the problem lies. If you know your shape right then half of the battle is won...

    1. I totally agree with you Shruti :) Knowing your body shape + wearing clothes which flatter your body, is the key.