Wednesday, 6 August 2014


A Silver jewellery fanatic and a BIG FAN of Sabyasachi, she says her ultimate style icon is Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter best known for her self-portraits. Her quote, “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly.” Inspires my girl. Her 2 tops featuring Frida Kahlo portraits bring her closer to her icon. Dressing up comes very naturally to her and she selects her outfits depending on her MOTD. For those not Twitter aware, that's Mood Of The Day'.

Shruti Rane, a marketing professional/writer/blogger, loves everything unique and can find uniqueness in everything. Very whimsically (and musically at that), she says, “The creative bug makes me restless!! Fashion is my high that I cannot get over”. This high was prevalent 3 years ago when she almost had me considering a Sabyasachi outfit for my wedding (Shruti, that was some infectious high!!) To top that off, she  introduced me to antique gold jewellery (which I wore) and also nailed down on the wedding make-up artist. “Darling! You rocked at that time! This is me thanking you for the wide world to see!”:)

Speaking of weddings, her first memory of fashion is her mom's wedding sari. The affinity for silver comes across here since she loves the timeless and intricate silver thread work that shines today as well. PS: I think her wedding outfit is done. :P

Finally, she speaks of her personal style that actually speaks volumes in itself. - a denim shirt, a pair of brogues, and a quirky pair of glasses (style + simplicity). She says that she is most comfortable in her pajamas and tee (and we all echo this fact, don't we?). Ask her about her shopping paradise and pat comes the response, “who cares about the brand if it looks good (or, for that matter,  does not look good!!)” (I cannot agree more!).

Recently, myFadedDenim and BombayMode (her blog) teamed up for a photoshoot project. We conceptualized it as an outfit post for BombayMode and what better than this to feature in my 'MY PROJECT RUNWAY' series .

Check out my Bohemian mate, teaming up her cotton jumpsuit with colorful and quirky accessories. Even though we met after years, with our constant chatter about fashion, life, and love – it was an amazing day.:)

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Jumpsuit, Brogues - Hill Road, Bandra
Ballerinas, Aviators, Fedora – Forever21
Bag - Globus
Scarf - PopFashion
Neckpiece - Blur Fashion Accessories
Bow-tie - IndiaCircus

I would love to know your views/feedback, leave your comments below. :)


  1. love the way you have described her....good one yet again!

  2. Rohita, now this is a pleasant surprise....LOVE LOVE LOVE every word of this blogpost.....This is ME.. :):):)

    Just perfect!!!

    Thanks for remembering each and every thing we shared and yes I loved being part of your wedding preps....

    Shooting these pictures were an experience I would love to indulge in again...

    To kab hai agla fun-shoot??

    1. It was difficult to keep the secret, but yayy I pulled it off :D

      I started writing and the first thing that I could associate you was - your paagalpan towards Sabyasachi designs

      we will shoot pretty soon :)

  3. Your best yet! Keep 'em coming!!

    1. thanks! your motivation keeps me going :)

  4. Good one sweets :) pictures are awesome :)

    1. hey Jyoti, am glad you liked the pictures...thanks!

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  6. Good work girls! xx.
    Loved the post!
    I do have a guest blogging section on my blog. Let me now if you are interested. I love collaborations. :)


    1. thanks Chhaya...will inbox you soon :)

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