Sunday, 28 September 2014

#aztecfever High on PRINTS

This season, prints are a rage and so are printed pants. When the trend is super comfortable yet chic, following it is super easy!  Just think of printed pants as somewhere between your weekend jammies and a clown costume (okay! A little exaggeration!!).:P
So far, we have managed to perfect looks with jeans, formal trousers, or joggers, but fashion has now bowled a googly with printed pants. Printed bottoms, ranging from floral to aztec to polka dot, are now dominating the collections of all major brands. The best part about printed pants is the soft pajama-style textures. This benefit makes them easier to wear especially during long travels and summers (24*7 in Mumbai weather). During winters, layer them up with a blazer or a bomber jacket and you are good to go.:)
Check out some of my quick tips of styling printed pants.

Printed pants with Graphic tee
The most effortless way to style printed pants is to pair them with your favorite graphic tee. Wear this for a casual lunch.

Printed pants with Blazer
Want to step up your game and dress up? Pair up your printed pants with top/tee, and add a blazer. Match the color element of your pants with a similar colored plain blazer. Wear this for a formal meeting or to work.

Printed pants in a Black and white monochrome style
This is one of my favorite looks. Pair your black and white printed pants with a black or white tee. For a pop of color, wear a pair of bright heels or carry a colorful bag.

Matching separates
More people should try out this look - it’ll definitely bring out the style diva in you! The trick is not to make it look like a uniform.

Printed pants with a Crop top
Show off your flat tummy by pairing your printed pants with a crop top. For the bold girl in you, team up the pants with a bralet and top it off with a shrug or vest.

My printed pants that I am wearing in this post (see the pictures below) have been lying in my closet since a long time and this is only the 2nd time I am wearing them. With my round hips, I was unaware how to style them and was skeptical to wear them without looking huge below the belt. With help from my fashion styling course, I have managed to style them in an appropriate+trendy manner.

Pants, Earrings - Forever21
Accessories - Splash
T-shirt - Pepe Jeans
Bag - Aldo
Shrug - Elliza Donatein
Shoes- Hush Puppies

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Monday, 15 September 2014

#RockChic in your CLOSET

Leather pants, leather jacket, dark grunge eye make-up, more leather, red colored hair, black nail polish, and finally, some more leather – this is how we distinguish rock stars from us commoners. Is it really possible for us to sport such a look? The easy answer is no. Such a “scary” look is beyond our capacity. Not just that, for most of us, anything extraordinary is made only for Television, films, magazines and print ads. We see a model wearing ripped denims or brogues (we have seen them only on men) or a celebrity pulling off tracks/joggers in a runway style, we think “This is NOT for me!”:)

Our closet is generally categorized into 3 looks – the WORK look, the TRADITIONAL look, and the CASUAL look. We target our shopping to add to one of these 3 looks. Be it for traveling or for attending a special event or a party, we again easy-pick with a probability of 1/3.:) All of this can be attributed to lack of awareness, lack of experimentation, or the unwillingness to go out of the comfort zone.

Now back to rock stars and trying to emulate such looks. I believe that your wardrobe is full of elements that, when put together correctly, can make you look like a star. With that thought, I searched through my closet and found that, when I took individual elements from my 3 general category looks, I found my ROCK CHIC look.:) I combined the rocker edge, not abruptly, but elegantly.
The rock chic look doesn't necessarily mean that you only wear black lipstick, sport a wacky red hairdo, and wear black grunge bold eye make-up. From the following board, take elements that you would normally wear, and ting! Now you are ROCK CHIC!!:) 

Be a Rocker, but be a CHIC Rocker!:)
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Tee, Hi-Tops(shoes) - Forever21
Accessories - Mango, Westside, Accessorize
Plaid shirt - Borrowed from hubby
Lipstick - Inglot

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

5 hacks for “I'll start gym tomorrow” workaholics

Our fashion problems range from not being able to fit in clothes which are only a few months old to realizing that our sizes have increased from M to L. To add to that, our demanding jobs make things all the more worse for us. Unhealthy habits, such as gulping down coffee (after 3 coffees) and snacking at roadside stalls, are our common crimes. These habits ultimately lead to unwanted weight gain. With our competitive work environments (almost like battlefield, gosh!) and harsh deadlines, we end up working long hours and on weekends as well.

Every other day, a friend hits me with the following cliché for the (n+1)th time, “I’ll start going to the gym tomorrow!” Any guesses about whether he hit the gym the next day? The other timeless lines are, “I am busy at work! And no, I don’t have 25 minutes to spare!”, “The gym in my area sucks!”, “I read somewhere that the treadmill is bad for you!!”, and “I prefer walking/jogging outdoors.” Now these excuses are getting innovative and fancy - ”Instead of gymming, I plan to start walking from Dadar station to Parel station!!” (Why not just stare at the distance on Google maps and feel good about it?!).  :P

I am not suggesting that you must quit your job today, but my recommendations will help you keep away from the inevitable unhealthy diet, stress, and frustration. No more vada pao for breakfast, Subway for lunch, and whatever is available for dinner.

My 5 hacks (simple, easy, frivolous) will definitely help you to proudly call yourself a “healthy workaholic” and will also help my fashionistas to keep their weight in check.  :P
With their increasing bellies, I dedicate this post to all my friends!  :P

1) Drink at least 3 bottles of Water everyday

Sure, it helps you clear those toxins but, for those of us at a desk job, frequent restroom breaks are a good reason to vacate that (un)comfortable chair. Drink enough water to force yourself to take a small break every 30 minutes. As an added benefit, you can rest your eyes and also, doing this, keeps your skin glowing. :)

2) No time for Breakfast – Eat Fruits

With a tight work schedule and no time for breakfast, eat fruits. It is alright to skip lunch or dinner, but never skip that morning breakfast. An apple or a banana will keep you going for hours.
As an alternative, wheat flakes with fruits and dry fruits make a perfect breakfast bowl when you are in a rush for a meeting (Try Kellogg's Special K - it works for me!).

3) Stretch your Shoulders and Legs
Even if you don’t have time for yoga or gym, make sure you stretch your shoulders and legs every day. Every day events, such as driving to work or taking public transport, requires your shoulders and legs to be warm and ready for the grind. As an added incentive, take the stairs for stronger legs.
Try 15 arm circles forward and 15 arm circles backward for shoulder strength and stretching. :)

4) Make Green tea your new Coffee

Green tea definitely keeps your metabolism up and helps in weight loss. With 2 cups every day, I am living proof that it works. Yes, it is bitter and an acquired taste but you can flavor it with honey/lemon/ginger to gulp it with ease.
If you must have coffee, reserve it for weekends or for coffee dates!:P

5) Eat smaller portions

Eating large food portions leads to lethargy and lower productivity which, in turn, leads to stress.
Cut down the proportion of rice and increase the percentage of veggies and lentils (I know it is difficult for south Indians like me but, since it is effective, try it!). Eat flavored yoghurt or digestive biscuits if you feel hungry within 2 hours of having lunch.

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Monday, 1 September 2014

#IndianBoho The Girl with the Divine Curls

Her all-natural curls are to die for, with her slender figure she can stride like a model on the catwalk , and at 5 ft 11 in, she sees the world differently as compared to us mere mortals!:P
For a long time now, I had the Indian boho (Bohemian) theme in my mind and I was almost desperate to pin the theme on somebody. With Hemangi’s divine curls, the search is over. She is demure when it comes to complimenting her hair, but compliment her about her height and she cannot stop delineating problems about tall girls (Yeah! Yeah! Deepika must have similar complaints – SO CHILL!!). MY LIGHT BULB MOMENT - 10 problems that TALL girls face! (stay tuned to myfadeddenim :P).

Hemangi, a learning consultant for Accenture, says she restricts her fashion sense while dressing for client meetings at work. This subtlety is shown the door for special occasions, such as weddings, where she gives herself more freedom to be vibrant and loud. What brings these contrasting looks together is her selection of watches!! 3 years ago, Hemangi realized her dream of owning an elegant time piece in Singapore when she indulged in a Seiko AND a FOSSIL (wow! 2 at once, bravo!!).:)

More cues about FASHION, as defined by Hemangi:-
1) First memory of fashion – At the age of 6 or 7, my baby pink formal separates with netted sleeves gifted by my Aunt.
2) Clothes/Jewellery/Bags/Shoes, my weakness – BAGS, definitely! My “I don't need it” chant keeps me from hoarding them!! (lolzzz :p)
3) Favorite stores – Indian wear: Wh (not W); Formals:Park Avenue for women; Casuals: Globus, Shopper Stop, Lifestyle or Street shops.
4) One piece of clothing that I adore – a B&W formal skirt from Park Avenue
5) Must-have beauty product – Moisturizer and Concealer
6) An accessory I always wear – 2 Silver rings.
7) Favorite perfume -  Splendor by Elizabeth Arden

This dreamer has a RUSTIC, personal style – a pair of palazzo pants (shown in the pictures below), a gunjee, her Seiko watch, and her favorite silver rings. We decided to add chunky oxidized jewellery, a handmade cotton bag, and a pair of colorful flats to this look, and voila! This is our version of a Boho with an Indian twist.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Palazzos - W
Pink top - Code from Lifestyle
Flats - Hi Life from Lifestyle
Jewellery - Flea Market/Exhibition
Jhola Bag - Handmade

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