Sunday, 28 September 2014

#aztecfever High on PRINTS

This season, prints are a rage and so are printed pants. When the trend is super comfortable yet chic, following it is super easy!  Just think of printed pants as somewhere between your weekend jammies and a clown costume (okay! A little exaggeration!!).:P
So far, we have managed to perfect looks with jeans, formal trousers, or joggers, but fashion has now bowled a googly with printed pants. Printed bottoms, ranging from floral to aztec to polka dot, are now dominating the collections of all major brands. The best part about printed pants is the soft pajama-style textures. This benefit makes them easier to wear especially during long travels and summers (24*7 in Mumbai weather). During winters, layer them up with a blazer or a bomber jacket and you are good to go.:)
Check out some of my quick tips of styling printed pants.

Printed pants with Graphic tee
The most effortless way to style printed pants is to pair them with your favorite graphic tee. Wear this for a casual lunch.

Printed pants with Blazer
Want to step up your game and dress up? Pair up your printed pants with top/tee, and add a blazer. Match the color element of your pants with a similar colored plain blazer. Wear this for a formal meeting or to work.

Printed pants in a Black and white monochrome style
This is one of my favorite looks. Pair your black and white printed pants with a black or white tee. For a pop of color, wear a pair of bright heels or carry a colorful bag.

Matching separates
More people should try out this look - it’ll definitely bring out the style diva in you! The trick is not to make it look like a uniform.

Printed pants with a Crop top
Show off your flat tummy by pairing your printed pants with a crop top. For the bold girl in you, team up the pants with a bralet and top it off with a shrug or vest.

My printed pants that I am wearing in this post (see the pictures below) have been lying in my closet since a long time and this is only the 2nd time I am wearing them. With my round hips, I was unaware how to style them and was skeptical to wear them without looking huge below the belt. With help from my fashion styling course, I have managed to style them in an appropriate+trendy manner.

Pants, Earrings - Forever21
Accessories - Splash
T-shirt - Pepe Jeans
Bag - Aldo
Shrug - Elliza Donatein
Shoes- Hush Puppies

I would love to know your views/feedback, leave your comments below.


  1. Really well researched!! Honest work shines :)

  2. Black and white printed pants fascinate me! And, you can easily go wrong with printed bottoms ....thanks rohi for relevant tips!

  3. Solid post. They r the rage here in London as well