Monday, 1 September 2014

#IndianBoho The Girl with the Divine Curls

Her all-natural curls are to die for, with her slender figure she can stride like a model on the catwalk , and at 5 ft 11 in, she sees the world differently as compared to us mere mortals!:P
For a long time now, I had the Indian boho (Bohemian) theme in my mind and I was almost desperate to pin the theme on somebody. With Hemangi’s divine curls, the search is over. She is demure when it comes to complimenting her hair, but compliment her about her height and she cannot stop delineating problems about tall girls (Yeah! Yeah! Deepika must have similar complaints – SO CHILL!!). MY LIGHT BULB MOMENT - 10 problems that TALL girls face! (stay tuned to myfadeddenim :P).

Hemangi, a learning consultant for Accenture, says she restricts her fashion sense while dressing for client meetings at work. This subtlety is shown the door for special occasions, such as weddings, where she gives herself more freedom to be vibrant and loud. What brings these contrasting looks together is her selection of watches!! 3 years ago, Hemangi realized her dream of owning an elegant time piece in Singapore when she indulged in a Seiko AND a FOSSIL (wow! 2 at once, bravo!!).:)

More cues about FASHION, as defined by Hemangi:-
1) First memory of fashion – At the age of 6 or 7, my baby pink formal separates with netted sleeves gifted by my Aunt.
2) Clothes/Jewellery/Bags/Shoes, my weakness – BAGS, definitely! My “I don't need it” chant keeps me from hoarding them!! (lolzzz :p)
3) Favorite stores – Indian wear: Wh (not W); Formals:Park Avenue for women; Casuals: Globus, Shopper Stop, Lifestyle or Street shops.
4) One piece of clothing that I adore – a B&W formal skirt from Park Avenue
5) Must-have beauty product – Moisturizer and Concealer
6) An accessory I always wear – 2 Silver rings.
7) Favorite perfume -  Splendor by Elizabeth Arden

This dreamer has a RUSTIC, personal style – a pair of palazzo pants (shown in the pictures below), a gunjee, her Seiko watch, and her favorite silver rings. We decided to add chunky oxidized jewellery, a handmade cotton bag, and a pair of colorful flats to this look, and voila! This is our version of a Boho with an Indian twist.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Palazzos - W
Pink top - Code from Lifestyle
Flats - Hi Life from Lifestyle
Jewellery - Flea Market/Exhibition
Jhola Bag - Handmade

I would love to know your views/feedback, leave your comments below. :)


  1. Excellent work!! Your skill is increasing leaps and bounds!!

  2. I am in love wid her look..its just wow..and wht fab writing rohita!!!! U r truly growing by leaps and! Wow! Wow!!!

    1. thank you are my constant supporter...Hugs and Kisses :)

  3. Awesome writing rohita and mangi looks wow!

    1. thank you sooo much Mahalakshmi! :) She does looks amazing, right?!

  4. Hi rohi awesome work, and hemangi is looking cool with her curls

  5. I specially love the first pic :) Boho look rocks :) :) amazing post rohi!

    1. Boho does rock, it is my current favorite. <3 Thanks muchhh Aneesha!

  6. If I'd known you were into fashion photography in Lionbridge, I would have got a portfolio done during our Mendi playing time! :D :D

    But seriously, thanks for writing all the kind words and taking some really brilliant pictures of me!! I'm glad the look turned out so well!

    Love your enthusiasm for your work and wish you loads of success!

    1. Thanks Hemangi! It was great doing this photoshoot with you. I am glad that you loved the pictures. :) I am also glad that the look that I was trying to achieve came out good!

      Hehehehe :D I am a fashion+travel+photography ka keeda now, wish I had known at that time! :)

  7. The articles get better each time. Nice!