Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pristine White in #Udaipur

For a very internationally-known tourist destination, Udaipur is a rare city with its roots in religion, customs, and traditions. For temple enthusiasts, Udaipur is almost heaven (minus the apsaras!:P). You can find a beautiful temple at the corner of every street here. My inclination to temples is majorly for their mesmerizing architecture. This inclination was further fed by the half- sindhi in me and I was desperate to visit the Srinathji temple in Nathdwara. My darling mother-in-law also mentioned that the importance of this temple for sindhis is comparable to that of the Tirupati Balaji temple for us south-Indians.

After a tiring Day1 in Udaipur , we managed to wake up and be ready quite early (puffy eyes n all:P). Nathdwara was an hour’s drive. For half the journey, we were excited about the visit to the temple. For the remainder of the journey, the foodies in us sprung out and we could not wait to try the local delicacies there for breakfast. The markets and the streets outside the temple are colorful and super crowded (try not to get lost or not to get robbed). For its reputation, the darshan at the temple was disappointing and more crowded as compared to the peak hour experience in the Mumbai local trains (Imagine my plight!). As expected, the high point for us about savoring the local breakfast -  jalebi, faafda, poha and dhokla. It was so amazing that, for an instant service breakfast, the rate of service was slower than our rate of consumption.:)
Savored these yummy delicacies for breakfast :D
On our way back, we stopped over at the Maharana Pratap museum in a place that is aptly called Haldighati. With the name derived from the yellow-colored soil, this was possibly the only missed photo opportunity in the whole trip. For all the Maharana Pratap fanatics (”MP, we love you!!”:P), the museum is a delight. With larger-than-life structures of men on horses and depictions of scenes from a battlefield, we were almost transported back in time.
Maharana Pratap Museum
My sartorial choice was a pristine white kurta since I was visiting a temple and historic structures. I paired the kurta with my blue harem pants (I hate you leggings in this hot weather!), a pair of blue shoes, and jhumkis.
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They photobombed my photoshoot big time! And they loved it! :p
Witnessed these vibrant markets in Nathdwara :)

This cutie :)
Kurta - Biba
Harem Pants - Globus
Bag - Holii
Jhumkis - Exhibition
Shoes - Dubai shopping
Nailcolor - Colorbar, Maybelline India

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  1. Awww...i love our pic :)...and again wanna go backkkkk..u have penned down everything amazingly :)

    1. thanks a lot Neha! I am glad my article made you nostalgic. :)

  2. Chumma blog post!! It's like I've been transported back there - and I am loving it!! <3

    1. Thanks a lot Chetan! Udaipur is really beautiful, worth a second visit. :D

  3. Amazing post Rohita !!! Love your style :)

    1. Hey Gurupreet! How are you doing? Thanks a lot girl! :D

  4. This post shows Poo can become Parvati as well :-) Nice