Friday, 10 October 2014

Vibrant Hues in #Udaipur

As customary as it is, early on our first day in Udaipur, we took the holy route to the internationally famed Jagdish temple. We called it our very own local temple since we were so close to it and we walked by it on a daily basis (Neha and Ankush, brilliant hotel location :)). The temple architecture, both indoors and outdoors, almost gave me a high! I may have a fetish for these marble slab works and intricate carvings.

We had the quickest temple exit since we were famished with hunger. Only the famous kachoris of Udaipur could have doused the fire in our tummies. These kachoris are, hands down, the best I have had. They are equivalent of the vada pav for us Mumbaikars. Served at almost every street corner, you cannot resist multiple servings of these deep-fried drops from heaven (considering that the stores are right next to the temples:P) After such a feast, it was almost too easy to just head back to the hotel and sleep our problems away.:)

With breakfast done, we head out to the City Palace – the home of all things kings and queens. The palace is a museum of history, steps, a large collection of silver, more steps, royal paintings, even more steps, the royal family clothes, and finally, (you guessed it) an insurmountable number of steps (Stay tuned for more details of the City Palace in the upcoming travel posts). The palace lead to a boat ride in the Udaipur city center - lake Pichola - that gave us a spectacular 360 degree view of all the palaces in the middle and around the lake.
After all the tan we could afford that morning, we took upon a Roadies challenge - the mighty Gujarati thali!! We savored on dal bhati, dhokla, and kadi chawal. The challenge is to be awake after such a meal (which we happily failed at!! :))

Such are the streets and sights of Udaipur that demand amazing colors from our outfits. An ethnic touch goes well with the background of this city of eye-popping beauty, mesmerizing architecture, and serene lakes.

Colorful Skirt Buddies :)

These two love to photobomb our pictures :p

Outfit - Global Desi
Shoes - Forever21
Bag - Holi
Ring - Globus
Watch - CK
Accessories - Gift

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  1. Wow...amazing!i wanna go back to udaipur :(

    1. Thanks Neha. Hehe! I would love to go back and roam leisurely on the streets of Udaipur. :)

  2. This is brilliant!! Leaps and bounds is an understatement :)

    1. Thanks Chetan for your lovely words!😊

  3. Vibrant post!!I love the yellows on intricate Udaipur :)

    1. Thanks Aneesha! Udaipur is too beautiful. :)

  4. Great pics in this post. Colorful n vibrant

  5. Wish had travelled Udaipur with you! As I was on a official visit and because had no company didn't enter the boating area even being at Pichola lake.. but my next trip m surely gonna remember your tips.. same pinch on the skirt! I love global desi.. I would want to share my colorful pick from udaipur.. Will do that shortly!