Wednesday, 5 November 2014

TEC - As Wise as an Elephant

Just over 4 months ago, I started MyFadedDenim with the vision of making fashion, style, and everything in between, accessible to the masses. In the process, I was expecting certain recognition. What I wasn’t expecting is a collaboration with an established brand!! That’s right people – we’re hitting it big with the accessories and lifestyle one-stop destination, The Elephant Company (TEC). Words cannot describe my happiness and satisfaction – which is ironic coming from a blogger!:)

Just how wise do you think an elephant is? Going by what I learned in school, my guess is VERY!! TEC, with their smart product-line and quirky prints that are mapped across the product-line, is rightly associating itself with the graceful animal. There is brilliance in the thought of having a cushion cover, a coffee mug, a leather bag, AND a smartphone cover with the same print!! Brace yourselves - Elephant Butti, Mordern Warli, Mumbai Meri Jaan – these catchy collections are just the tip of the iceberg.  And that’s not all!! TEC is not just product ‘wise’ – they are money ‘wise’ too! Ever get that feeling of getting hands-on with a high quality product and thinking ‘How are they charging so less?’ Smart product-line, quirky prints, superior quality, and value for money – buy happy, be happy. 

My shopping reasons range from ‘I need that’ to ‘Oh! That’s different!’  But, when I got my tote bag from TEC, it is safe to say that I found a 3rd reason for shopping – bragging rights!! That’s right, drool (but not on my bag!). The leather bag (did I forget to mention leather?has a bold print on a silky fabric (the pictures below speak for themselves). For those of us who are always skeptical about keeping our bags anywhere, the bag has confidence-inducing studs at the bottom.  For a big fan of the moustache-clad Ranveer Singh (sob!), the Movember-print iPhone cover was an automatic buy. Fanaticism aside, the print shares the vibrancy of that of the tote bag. Finally, for my green tea requirements, I couldn't resist getting the Green coffee mug with cute little Elephants. Fancy a beverage of another color? TEC has you covered with their wide range of colors as well.:P

This TEC post helped me in being wise about my fashion statement as well. With the temperature dipping (beyond Mumbai:)), there is a lot of hype about Fall collections in stores. What better than to adorn ourselves with beautiful pashmina shawls or to show off a killer attitude with a leather jacket!? But who are we kidding! We live in a place where the chill in the air makes a blink and miss appearance. I say let’s not be disheartened and try to keep ourselves stylish and fashion forward.

Here are tips that can serve you well in this ’not so cold‘ fall season.:)
  1. Forget thigh-high boots! Wear shin or knee-length boots and pair them with your favorite denims and sweatshirt.
  2. Think beyond a leather jacket - try on a bomber jacket. Floral-prints on bombers are just adorable! That’s +1 on your style quotient.
  3. Beautify and prettify your feet with printed cotton socks. Check out Happy Socks for their prints, ranging from polka dots to animal prints.
  4. Make a new friend this season – a deep shade of red or a dark burgundy lipstick. Nothing screams out ‘FALL!!’ more than the apt lip color.
  5. As an extension of the points above, try the biker chic or the rock chic look this season. Welcome the dark grunge look.
Enjoyed the feature of The Elephant Company and my 5 tips for this fall season? We definitely had an amazing time in the effort behind the photo shoot and the collaboration. The post-production work on the pictures has also been redefined for this post. Like, comment, and share! :)
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Check out Ms. Bagvati :) 
Movember this November!
oops! Caught in action. :p 

Elephant Butti Wine Leather Handbag | Mucchad iPhone 5/5S Cover | Flying Elephants Green Coffee Mug | Forever21 Leggings | Vero Moda Top | Zara Stole | Marks&Spencer Green Shirt

Lakme Eyeconic Eye Pencil | Revlon Blush | Inglot Matte Lip Color | Avon Matte Nail Color

Photos - Chetan Bhatia | Creative Direction, Editing Pictures and Styling - yours truly

I would love to know your views/feedback, leave your comments below.


  1. Loved the vibrant products....would check the next time I want to get a phone cover or tote! The look suits you perfectly :) and, congratulations :)

    1. Thanks a lot Aneesha for all the lovely compliments! Ohh sure, you should definitely check out The Elephant Company's website for their home decor and dining options too!

  2. I know the feeling...i recently did my first collab as well...up top! Love these products, esp the phone case...all quirky and fun..


    1. Up top girl! Ahh yes, it is such a wonderful feeling to see your blog to the road of success. :) As soon as I laid my eye on the movember print, I knew I had to feature it. :D

  3. i have purchased a couple of their products earlier and love their store at phoenix , lower parel..stuff looks amazing and i love the way you have styled yourself :)

    1. Thanks Neha for that styling compliment! Their products are available at Bombay Store, though they have their full range of products online. Glad you liked them. :)

  4. I have bought few products from them too and really liked their stuff..

    1. Thanks a lot Nisha! Yeah they have some amazingly colorful and quiky products. :)

  5. Such vibrant and colorful pictures .Really tempted to buy some products from there! Great collaboration .

    Dazzle and Sizzle

    1. Thank you Tanya for your lovely words! Hehe, I am glad my article was tempting enough. :D

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