Saturday, 7 November 2015

Ethnic Thread

My eyes twinkle at the sight of golden zari on a Kanjivaram silk sari, silver brocade on a Banarasi Sari, tie and dye print on a Bandhani sari, or the soft cotton texture of a Jamdani sari.:)

What is so striking about Indian textiles, weaves, and fine threads is the interesting stories behind them that make them mesmerizing. Perfect examples are the embroidery designs like Pichwai, Pipli, Rabari from Gujarat and Rajasthan. Each design tells a story. The Pichwai style embroidery shows Lord Krishna surrounded by worshippers. Most of the stitches and motifs are derived from nature and objects in day-to-day lives.

Pichwai, Pipli, Rabari embroidery works
Since ethnic wear is the traditional outfit that stems from cultural heritage, it has  diverse interpretations. Ethnicity for me is the traditional south Indian sari that my mom has been wearing so gracefully for years now. Call it her uniform but the sari is one piece of clothing that she has been religiously adorning since as long back as I can remember. I have been trying to emulate her poise and grace since 10th grade (#EpicFail on Teacher’s Day which was the first time I ever wore a sari). Since then, at roughly the 50th time, I have a decent understanding of how to drape it well (at least I’d like to think so!:P).

I always wonder that apart from a pair of Jeans, a Dress, a Skirt, what other options do westerners have in terms of clothing. Yes, I agree that many global cultures have their own traditional outfits, but nothing beats the number of the Indian ethnic wear options – Sari, Salwar Kameez, Lahenga Choli, Chudidar Kurti

Coming to the topic of this post – Ethnic Thread. At this time of the year when you will be wearing these ethnic outfits most frequently, EthnicThread enables you to share your professional profiles and pictures on their platform, which is especially made for us Desi girls. For example, list yourself as a blogger, image consultant, hair stylist, fashion designer, or a seller. The best part is, you can either post pictures for fun or you can make it a marketplace to sell apparel, jewellery, or home products.

As you can see below, I have created my profile and listed my service as a blogger. You can download the application too and start sharing your Desi looks.:)

Post your pictures for FUN
SELL your products

My mother has the most stunning collection of saris ranging from Pochampalli to Uppada. This traditional Uppada sari from Andhra Pradesh embodies my ethnicity.

Wearing Red Uppada Sari from Hyderabad | Maybelline Colorshow lip color
Photos by Rahul Gadepalli | Creative Direction, Editing Pictures and Styling - yours truly

Hope you guys like this post. Until next time, see ya!:)
 Do comment and let me know what ethnicity means to you and what your go-to ethnic outfit is.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2015

This is my 2nd attempt at this post. The first time I wrote, the husband pointed out that this piece lacked the strong MyFadedDenim opinions and that it just stated facts. This brings about the point that I’ve discussed with my fellow bloggers that as bloggers, if we are unable to share our thoughts with our viewers then we are just ‘writing’ and not ‘blogging’. In my desperate effort of uploading my post faster (these days I am juggling my time and still adjusting to the Mumbai life!), I unknowingly lost my voice. Here’s to learning my lesson and moving on to telling you all about my amazing experience at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2015. :)

Every season, Lakme Fashion Week arrives with a lot of hype, expectations, enthusiasm along with a huge talent pool of new designers vying to showcase their work. This season saw a bunch of such amazing upcoming designers - Antar Agni, Manish Bansal, Tanieya Khanuja, and Kristi De Cunha come to mind. To add to the glamour quotient, the who’s who from the fashion, film, tv, media, gliz, and page 3 was under one roof. 

The event started with Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla making a grand opening with glaring gold fabrics (my eyes!). Manish Malhotra then unveiled his first ever men’s wear collection with Ranbir Kapoor as the showstopper. Not surprisingly, I was more interested in my favorite gen-next designers - Quirkbox and Ilk for their more wearable clothing line that was comfortable, androgynous, and bold at the same time.

Of the 5-day event, I was most excited and was looking forward to the 2nd day for the celebration of Indian textiles and weavers. Where designer Kh Sha showcased gypsy-style layering and oversized silhouettes, Vrisa by Rahul N Shikha was all about ankle length kurtas and ethnic wear in muted tones. Anita Dongre’s Grassroots collection was one of my favorites (die-hard Global Desi fan!) since she used Indian prints and textiles to create modern and asymmetrical designs. As soon as I saw the first creation by Swati and Sunaina - a beautiful cream and gold sari – I told myself, “Buckle up and get ready to be impressed!!”. Their colorful ‘Banaras Revised’ collection showcased traditional Banarasi weaves with an emphasis on beauty. 

There were many designers who showcased bridal wear. I enjoyed watching Arpita Mehta’s collection for her unique mix of intricate mirror work and embroidery. Anushree Reddy’s outfits had a color palette of romantic pastels and flirty flower motifs. Being a South Indian, I am a big fan of the Kanjeevarams. Gaurang Shah’s Samyukta collection beautifully incorporated Kanjeevaram, Uppada, Banarasi designs with traditional embroidery, such as gota, zardozi, and chikankari.

This season, I also managed to meet lovely people, have great conversations, and enjoyed the perks of being a blogger at the LFW apartment. Imagine sharing the same space with the Cosmopolitan India editor (Nandini Bhalla) while getting a hair makeover!! :) It is always fun to interact with like-minded bloggers and to participate in the events with them. Where I could attend 2 days of the 5-day event, I will make sure that I get to attend all the 5 days the next time and to catch up on more shows, more conversations, more masti, and more entertainment. ☺

All the hustle bustle before the start of a show. :)

Arpita Mehta's gorgeous Indian Wear
Tanieya Khanuja's collection was inspired by Origami
Mrilani Chandra's over-the-top but stunning jewellery collection
Being busy while uploading live feed on social media :p

Mens Wear by Manish Bansal and Piyush Dedhia
My fellow blogger, Anupriya from Styleprism
Enjoying with these girls on Day 5. Aria (right picture) is from StyleMeAria.

Watch my Hair Makeover video. Bed Head TIGI gave my super straight hair some voluminous bouncy waves. 

Rana Daggubati and Amy Jackson walking for Anushree Reddy

Malaika Arora Khan walking for Arpita Mehta

Structured fabrics and tailored silhouettes by munkee.see.munkee.doo

Manish Bansal's Mens Wear

Saqib Saleem walking for SOL by Piyush Dehia

It was soo much fun meeting Sherry Shroff :)

Red Culottes from Asos | Silver Shoes from Forver21 | Bags from Lavie | White top and Necklace from VeroModa | Denim Dress from Zara | Blue Blazer from Vero Moda | Black Heels from Clarks

Photos by Me and Ankita Chatterjee | Hair Makeover Video by Ankita Chatterjee | Creative Direction, Editing Pictures and Styling - yours truly

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

New Beginnings and Feathery Tales

I have moved to four homes in as many years. That is a LOT of packing and then re-packing all over again. Boxing a home also means continuous days of exhaustive work with the sides of many sleepless nights. On the flip side, with such a life, there is no monotony and you are rarely bored. The first time was because of the obvious sin – Shaadi! :p Few impromptu decisions led to moving the second time. The third iteration was about earning a good amount of money. The fourth (current) shift is because we (the Mr and I) want to achieve our dreams. Our motto is – If you want to do something, do it NOW. The relevance of this motto is clear in the following story. The other day, I was at the International Indian Jewellery Week attending a fashion show. I wanted a picture with the main screen with IIJW in big bold letters as my background. I spent a long time searching for someone approachable. Once I found this person, I spent even more time in striking a conversation with him (good looking fellow :p). The moment I gave him my phone to click my picture, the lights went out and it was time for the show. I missed a great photo-op and that moment will possibly never come back. :(

Moving on to the outfit that I have featured in this post. Tmart sent me this beautiful dress and feather earrings sometime back. The first time I saw this dress, it looked like a pretty beige dress for  a lunch date outfit. The way I have worn in this blog is beachy plus boho mix. I have worn this dress twice now. The first time for the blog and the second time with a denim shirt and casual slip-ons.
I have also been obsessing over the feather earrings. Even though feather earrings have bohemian feel to them, they can be paired with multiple type of outfits:
1)     Pair the long feather earrings with a strapless outfit.
2)     Pair multi color feathery earrings with a solid color dress and fringe bag.
3)     Pair the animal printed feathery earrings with a long maxi skirt and tee.
4)     Pair the peacock printed feathery earrings with an outfit having corresponding shades (worn in this post).
5)     Last but not the least, pair your feather earrings with a flowy dress, a pair of denim shorts or even your little black dress.

Hope you guys like the post and pictures!
PS – This post is extra special since these are the last set of pictures which were shot in Hyderabad.☺

Dress and Earrings from Tmart | Shoes from Baggit | Lipcolor from Chamber (Orange Flambe)

Photos - Chetan Bhatia and Siva Teja | Creative Direction, Editing Pictures and Styling - yours truly

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Wear your Confidence

Some say that confidence comes with having knowledge and applying it with intelligence. Others feel that good looks are a must have. I feel that the bridge that ties these factors together is having a positive attitude. My effort at being positive and confident comes from dressing up and looking my best. For instance, attending an interview looking disheveled and sweaty does nothing for my confidence levels and as a result, answering questions becomes tougher.

My body shape has always been curvy. The only time I was thin was the terrifying final year of my post graduation. To compensate for the tough times, I thought that losing weight would boost my confidence. With no eating habits to be proud of, I skipped meals regularly. I ended up with low hemoglobin. Friends told me that unless I want to be size zero, I must START EATING! I learned my lesson the hardest way possible by being forced into taking painful injections for the lack of iron. Since then, I have been proud of being curvy.

I extend my confidence quotient by wearing clothes that help me feel great about myself. Beyond Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, and Max, I have started saving up and moved on to brands like Marks&Spencer, VeroModa, Only, and Mango. A size M at Marks&Spencer is flattering, but a size L or XL at Relience Trends can uncomfortably hug my body. I cannot stress enough about the importance of wearing clothes that fit you well. Not only do they enhance your positives but they also help in hiding any negatives. Over time, I have read a lot about brands that cater especially to us curvy women.

One brand that is doing great in this space is LastInch. From formal shirts to printed pants, from fringe style kimonos to pretty skirts – there is a design for everyone. Some of my personal favorites on LastInch are mentioned below.

There is an ongoing SALE on So do avail the amazing discount! :)

Until next time, Sayonara! I would love to know your views/feedback, leave your comments below.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Bag Story

It has been almost a year since I started my blog and it feels like an amazing accomplishment! I am of course happy about it, but all this feels surreal. What’s great is that I am already looking at new endeavors and challenges. A nervous excitement has crept in about learning something new, growing with my blog further, and applying my experience in the real world. What I am most eager about is my temporary phase of living single again. Hahaha! I will be posting about my adventurous stories in the coming months (and it is going to be one hell of a ride!!).

Now, about the bag story - When Lavie approached me about this styling activity, I was elated and all ready to take up the challenge since I have always created a look around an outfit but never around a bag.
Thinking back about my younger self, a bag was never an important part of my look or style. My school bag had just one purpose - to carry my books. Where the size of my college bag reduced, it was still nowhere close to being fashionable. My fascination with bags started at work when I realized how gorgeous a leather bag could look at my office desk. When the compliments started pouring in, I not only started obsessing over bags but also started pairing different designs of bags with different outfits.

The following combinations come to mind:
- A satchel with a casual denim outfit
- A tote bag with a formal outfit
- A fringe bag with a boho outfit
- A clutch with a nicely fitted dress

I hope you enjoyed reading my bag story and the way I have styled my bright yellow Lavie bag. The bag is perfect for adding color in these dull and gloomy rainy days. :D

Skirt from Splash Fashions | Black Tee from Forever21 | Denim Vest from Shoppers Stop | Gladiators from Forever 21 | Bag from Lavie | Bracelet from Jabong | Maybelline Nail Color

Photos - Chetan Bhatia | Creative Direction, Editing Pictures and Styling - yours truly

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