Saturday, 21 February 2015

Green Hues

In the midst of editing dozens of pictures taken at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival last week, I realized that winter is going (not coming). Also, going out the window is the option of layering - a sad scene for us fashionistas who love creating multiple looks using layering. But never fear when lightweight shrugs are here - a new addition is my Adidas Originals Bomber jacket.

Segue to general rantings: Isn’t it difficult to go back to your daily routine after an awesome long holiday? The funny part is that every time I come back from a holiday, I feel like I have forgotten how to cook.:P For atleast two days, I am clumsy in the kitchen. Sorting emails, planning, writing - I have to force myself to get back in the game. My only saving grace - instantly plan for the next holiday. :P

Coming back to my new Bomber jacket. Hubby, understanding my cravings so well, gifted me this jacket for my birthday (twirling like a ballet dancer right now:P).  Recently, I wore the jacket to The Pasta Bar Veneto, this beautiful Italian rooftop restaurant. Our lunch date soon turned into a photoshoot date. The green hues of this jacket perfectly compliment the green and red tones of the location.
My trick for the day was to to wear a busy/loud print and tone down the rest of my look. Minimal accessories and subtle makeup complimented the loud printed piece (do this unless you wanna go the Rihanna way!). 

Hope you guys love this look.:) I’ll upload more pictures from Kala Ghoda soon with “what I wore” for the festival.
 PS – I prefer a Bomber jacket to a Leather jacket since the Bomber is really comfortable during travel. 

The awesome food at Pasta Bar :D

Adidas Originals Bomber Jacket | Only Tee | Denims from Zara | Watch - Citizen Eco-Drive | Necklace from VeroModa | Shoes, thrifted from Dubai | Forever21 Rings | Bracelet from Colaba market

Photos - Chetan Bhatia | Creative Direction, Editing Pictures and Styling - yours truly

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Friday, 13 February 2015

The Truth about Trends and Bloggers

Based on my past experiences with Reliance Trends, it was a pleasant surprise to see the overload of bold colors at their Korum Mall, Thane, store. There definitely has been an effort gone into bringing bold and funky prints across different styles. This boldness and funkiness came through when I was almost pulled towards the ethnic harem pants by Naatak Mandali (under fusion by Reliance Trends). As part of my mix ‘n’ match fetish of 2015, I chose to pair the pants with the sporty mesh top by Intribe. The fact that I could achieve this look was soo unexpected that I missed having mojaris.:) Looking beyond the Indian fashion brands' obsession with having unfocused collections and messy displays, Reliance Trends is breaking the mould.

Speaking of breaking the mould, professional blogging in India is still considered to be just a hobby. It is saddening that we fashion bloggers still have to jump through hoops to get permission for clicking pictures and for participating in contests. I honestly feel that I could have done much better in this contest if I did not have space constraints (“You can shoot only in the trial room area!”), time constraints (no accessories), or interruptions (a lady creating havoc at seeing a camera in the trial room area – I mean she had a smartphone with her! :P). I would complete this look with a jhola bag, a few chunky bracelets, and of course, mojaris.

Harem pants by Naatak Mandali | Mesh top by Intribe | Forever21 Shoes | Watch - Citizen Eco-Drive
Lakme Eyeconic Kajal | Revlon Blush| Revlon Eyeshadow Shadow | YSL Lip Color

Photos - Chetan Bhatia | Creative Direction, Editing Pictures and Styling - yours truly

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Challenge

If someone suggests that I get a hair cut, I respond, “Never!” If people recommend that I get a new hair color, my retort is “My hair will not go through that hell!” However, I do have a risk appetite for trying out a new shampoo or hair oil. When Garnier asked me to take the 30-day HAIR CHALLENGE, the optimist in me sprung out with a YES. Another reason for accepting the challenge is an excuse to vent out about my hair story.

I have grown up admiring my mother's thick set of long hair. When I was young, she would make 2 thick long plaits. I would be so happy that someday, I’ll have such beautiful hair as well. Alas, heredity ditched me big time and I ended up having half the hair thickness that she has. To compensate for having thin set of hair, I maintained good hair habits and had access to soft water to try and keep my hair shiny and lustrous. Around 2010, while working at an IT firm, my morning routine was to visit the restroom and do my make-up and hair. I was almost burdened under the sheer number of compliments I used to receive for my hair from my peers.

Now comes the plot twist. Since I got married, I have moved to 3 homes now across 2 cities. My hair has not respond well to the weather changes and to the water going from hard to harder to hardest. My hair has gone from dry to rough to frizzy, and has lead to a lot of hair fall. Everyday, I identify a new problem with my hair and then keep searching for solutions. For example, the hair is rough - get a deep conditioning treatment, or hair fall - eat almonds, apply oils, and get some intake of vitamin E. There are times when I go superstitious and think back to those girls at work. Unhone nazar laga di. Hahahahaha! My hair woes have really made me crazy! :P

Back to my hair challenge, this is the current state of my hair:
- The hair is thinning and greying slightly
- The scalp is dry
- The ends are rough

These Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition products have coconut, almond, and olive oils. These oils are known to nourish the hair to make it smooth and shiny. As part of the challenge, I am going to use these products for the next 30 days. Watch this space for an update soon. :)

Leave your comments below and share your hair story. I would love to read it.