Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fashion and Mayhem

Living in Hyderabad, I have missed more opportunities to attend events, movie screenings, and blogger meet-ups in Mumbai than I can count. With the increase in the number of Hyderabad bloggers, the blogger scene has a lot of potential to shine like that in Mumbai. But unlike in Mumbai, where there is brilliant recognition for bloggers, Hyderabad still has a long way to go.

Back to attending events, it was sheer luck that I was in Mumbai during the Lakme Fashion Week. A day before leaving (after packing clothes for just being around family and friends), I received an invitation to attend a day at the fashion week. My first reaction was, “OMG! I don’t have anything to wear for the event!!” (#FashionGirlProblems). Imagine my plight of searching for clothes in my waste bin of a closet, trying them on, and then re-packing my bag. Ufffff!:P

After travelling in the local train for 1.5 hours, in the taxi for 30mins, and half-baked in the heat, we finally crawled to the venue. With my planned 1 hour of dressing up before the show cut down to 15mins, I was expectedly late! We rushed to the show stage and were suddenly transported into our TV!! Everything seemed surreal - the music, the entrances, the models cat walking, the designers and their designs, the elite in their rightful front row, and the bloggers that I follow and admire on social media. Of all the shows that I attended that day, I loved Armaan and Aiman’s pastel collection and Nikhil Thampi’s metallics inspired from the 90’s.

In a room full of celebrities, social media influencers, and famous bloggers, me being intimidated was an understatement. Even then, I couldn’t resist myself to say “Hi” to one of my favorite blogger, Anushka Moore from BombayBubble. She was really sweet and humble.:) In this mayhem, I received a reality check that only a select set of social media ‘celebrities’ were approachable and welcoming.

Throughout the day, amongst all my interactions, the best compliment I received was “I am so glad you blog about fashion for all! Most new bloggers are born out of papa’s money and a Hermes in hand!” Next time I am here, I hope I can watch all the shows and enjoy the mayhem that comes along with it in all its glory.:)

Lame Fashion Week, celebrating 15 years

The stunning Palladium hotel

The #LetsTalkLingerie event by Amante'

Hosted by Shveta Salve and Miss Malini 

T-shirt from Asos  | Skirt from Marks&Spencer | Shoes from Asos | Forever21 Rings | Sunglasses from Vajor

Photos - Chetan Bhatia | Creative Direction, Editing Pictures and Styling - yours truly

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  1. SUPER STUD!! Moving forward, it's inevitable that you will play a greater role at such events! :)

    1. Hehehe! Thanks Chetan, you are too kind. :)

  2. I love your shoes Rohita! So cool!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

    1. Thanks a lot Nilu! You are too sweet. :)

  3. Your shoes!! *Love*

    Hugs and kisses,

    Streets in Vogue.

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