Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Midsummer Dream

I don’t understand how people manage to wear jackets, specifically, LEATHER jackets during summers. Are these people cold-blooded vampires? I recently saw a person wearing a sweatshirt in the Mumbai local train and sweating bullets. With temperatures going beyond 40 degrees, I think I will pass out and end up in the hospital just imagining myself wearing something like that.

Where the people in England fashionably layer up in the summers, it is dreadful for Indians here to wear half a layer of clothing. I wonder if all the time and effort spent on dressing up is worth in Indian summers? Does that mean we shouldn’t look good in this weather? My midsummer dream would be to wear summery dresses and pair them with lightweight sweaters. How I wish there was a possibility of my dream coming true. But alas, the possibility of such a dream to come true is next to zero! Instead, I have found a way to wear layers in this heat and look stylish.

Lately, I have been attending a lot of weddings. Last week, I was posting pictures of my wedding OOTDs on Instagram. I also spoke about the difficulties of attending summer weddings. Imagine wearing heavy silk saris and anarkalis in this weather! Other than the bride and groom (basking in the luxury of air conditioning), the rest of the guests undergo nothing less than torture. By the time we reach the venue, the makeup is melted, the hair is disheveled with perspiration, and all we can think of is to go home and change into our comfy pyjamas. Then, there are those weddings that are done in a jiffy (mahurat problems, *rolling eyes*) and all they can manage is a non-AC wedding hall with slowwwly moving fans. Here, the bride and groom are also a part of the torture group!

Coming back to my idea of layering in summers. The solution is: layer lightweight pieces together (weigh it before wearing it :P). I recommend wearing a sleeves top or a spaghetti strap top as the first layer. Then, layer it again with a lightweight shrug, kimono, or cotton jacket. I have styled my look by following these tips. The denim dress that I am wearing in this post is lightweight, soft, and sleeveless. The jacket is also cotton and since it is short sleeved, I hardly perspired even under the blazing morning sun. So, go ahead and try layering this summer with these tips and fulfill your midsummer dream as well! :)

Dress from Zara | Jacket from Quirk Box | Earrings from Splash Fashions | Ring from Forever 21 | Shoes thrifted from Dubai | Bag from Lavie | Eyeliner from Rimmel London

Photos - Ankita Chatterjee | Creative Direction, Editing Pictures and Styling - yours truly

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hashtag TwiceAsNice

I enjoy reviewing Garnier products for their innovative blogger activity themes. The #TwiceAsNice activity required us to team up with fellow bloggers and present our vision of ‘twice is nice’. I jumped on the bandwagon and, for the first time, I collaborated with Chandana from TheGirlAtFirstAvenue, a fellow blogger from Hyderabad. 

For the first time in years, I woke up at 6am! The heat and perspiration shook me vigorously and woke me up! (Grrr!) All sleepy-eyed and walking like a mummy, I had an idea. Just like in Under the Dome, there should be a colorless dome covering the city. That way the entire city can have air-conditioning. Genius right? :P LOL! Enough of my “innovative” beat-the-heat solutions! Now getting back to the topic.

Chandana and I have styled our crop tees for a less frivolous summer look. Summer calls for lightweight clothes, less makeup, and little or no accessories. We paired our crop tees with comfortable pair of pants. With our body structures being different, we broke the myth that only a certain type of body shape can carry off crop tops or crop tees. We are #TwiceAsNice to prove (in the pictures below) how a crop tee works with any shape and size. 

Do visit Chandana's blog and read our collaboration post. Hope you guys enjoyed our collaboration.:)

The Garnier #TwiceAsNice combo pack has a purifying face wash with neem extracts and an exfoliating face scrub with apricot extracts. Since the face wash has neem extracts, it helps in reducing pimples and pimple marks. As kids, my mom would use neem as a home remedy and Garnier took note.:P Note that the face wash is not a miracle product. Over time, it helps in fading those marks. The scrub helps in removing dead skin and white heads. Everytime I use the scrub, I like how my face feels softer. At Rs. 164/- for the combo pack (at, it is a must-try for being reasonable yet effective. 

Outfit from Forever 21 | Bag from Aldo | Necklace from Accessorize | Shoes from Hush Puppies | Earrings thrifted from Maldives

Photos - Chetan Bhatia | Creative Direction, Editing Pictures and Styling - yours truly

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