Sunday, 19 July 2015

Wear your Confidence

Some say that confidence comes with having knowledge and applying it with intelligence. Others feel that good looks are a must have. I feel that the bridge that ties these factors together is having a positive attitude. My effort at being positive and confident comes from dressing up and looking my best. For instance, attending an interview looking disheveled and sweaty does nothing for my confidence levels and as a result, answering questions becomes tougher.

My body shape has always been curvy. The only time I was thin was the terrifying final year of my post graduation. To compensate for the tough times, I thought that losing weight would boost my confidence. With no eating habits to be proud of, I skipped meals regularly. I ended up with low hemoglobin. Friends told me that unless I want to be size zero, I must START EATING! I learned my lesson the hardest way possible by being forced into taking painful injections for the lack of iron. Since then, I have been proud of being curvy.

I extend my confidence quotient by wearing clothes that help me feel great about myself. Beyond Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, and Max, I have started saving up and moved on to brands like Marks&Spencer, VeroModa, Only, and Mango. A size M at Marks&Spencer is flattering, but a size L or XL at Relience Trends can uncomfortably hug my body. I cannot stress enough about the importance of wearing clothes that fit you well. Not only do they enhance your positives but they also help in hiding any negatives. Over time, I have read a lot about brands that cater especially to us curvy women.

One brand that is doing great in this space is LastInch. From formal shirts to printed pants, from fringe style kimonos to pretty skirts – there is a design for everyone. Some of my personal favorites on LastInch are mentioned below.

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Until next time, Sayonara! I would love to know your views/feedback, leave your comments below.


  1. Nice post Rohita.. I wear L or XL depending on the brands..n i know wearinf right size is so iimportant :)

    Love ur style gal... Awesome Pictures
    Orange Glasses

    1. Hey Ananya! Thanks a lot for your lovely compliments. I totally agree, a right size of garment accentuates our positives.
      Cheers! :D

  2. Yes, the way you dress and the you feel in your outfit is definitely define your confidence. Agreed with every word on that. And those outfits looks gorgeous, by the way. Thank you for sharing.