Sunday, 9 August 2015

New Beginnings and Feathery Tales

I have moved to four homes in as many years. That is a LOT of packing and then re-packing all over again. Boxing a home also means continuous days of exhaustive work with the sides of many sleepless nights. On the flip side, with such a life, there is no monotony and you are rarely bored. The first time was because of the obvious sin – Shaadi! :p Few impromptu decisions led to moving the second time. The third iteration was about earning a good amount of money. The fourth (current) shift is because we (the Mr and I) want to achieve our dreams. Our motto is – If you want to do something, do it NOW. The relevance of this motto is clear in the following story. The other day, I was at the International Indian Jewellery Week attending a fashion show. I wanted a picture with the main screen with IIJW in big bold letters as my background. I spent a long time searching for someone approachable. Once I found this person, I spent even more time in striking a conversation with him (good looking fellow :p). The moment I gave him my phone to click my picture, the lights went out and it was time for the show. I missed a great photo-op and that moment will possibly never come back. :(

Moving on to the outfit that I have featured in this post. Tmart sent me this beautiful dress and feather earrings sometime back. The first time I saw this dress, it looked like a pretty beige dress for  a lunch date outfit. The way I have worn in this blog is beachy plus boho mix. I have worn this dress twice now. The first time for the blog and the second time with a denim shirt and casual slip-ons.
I have also been obsessing over the feather earrings. Even though feather earrings have bohemian feel to them, they can be paired with multiple type of outfits:
1)     Pair the long feather earrings with a strapless outfit.
2)     Pair multi color feathery earrings with a solid color dress and fringe bag.
3)     Pair the animal printed feathery earrings with a long maxi skirt and tee.
4)     Pair the peacock printed feathery earrings with an outfit having corresponding shades (worn in this post).
5)     Last but not the least, pair your feather earrings with a flowy dress, a pair of denim shorts or even your little black dress.

Hope you guys like the post and pictures!
PS – This post is extra special since these are the last set of pictures which were shot in Hyderabad.☺

Dress and Earrings from Tmart | Shoes from Baggit | Lipcolor from Chamber (Orange Flambe)

Photos - Chetan Bhatia and Siva Teja | Creative Direction, Editing Pictures and Styling - yours truly

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