Saturday, 23 April 2016

8 Deaths of Game of Thrones - Cannot get over it!

Warning: This article may definitely does contain a lot of references of Jon Snow (and many hot pictures of Kit Harrington!)
We might not remember our mother's phone number, our best friend's birthday, or what is (a+b)2. But HELL YA, we definitely remember that the new season of Game of Thrones starts on 24th April.

Even though Game of thrones started way back in 2011, it was only last month that I watched it and finished all 5 seasons in 3 weeks! (3 most productive weeks!!) Believe me when I say this, after 5 seasons, I still miss Lord Eddard Stark!

Here is my countdown of characters/actors, who died and left hole in my heart (Okay okay! just exaggerating):P

1) Jon Snow

It is so so so soooohh unfair that Samwell Tarly is alive but Jon Snow is dead. The guy who can contribute 10% to a fight, and can hardly use a sword is alive! You know what I mean? No offense to Samwell Tarly's fans. :P And yes, we are obsessed with Jon Snow, the entire world must have had nightmares this past year about how Jon Snow was brutally murdered by his fellow night-watchers and by a little boy. *rolling eyes* And the question "Is Jon Snow dead?" must have reached a count of 9999999999.
My face when I still read those articles saying, JON SNOW IS REALLY DEAD.

2) Eddard Stark

My instant reaction when Eddard Stark's head was chopped off was *beep beep beep beep beep beep* (cannot really say those words out loud here!). Why on earth would you kill Sean Bean?! He is such a stud, he is legendary! (Remember LOTR? BTW they killed him in LOTR as well! *beep beep*) My heart still bleeds for Lord Eddard Stark, period!
We all felt that emotion when his head was chopped off lady!

3) Robb Stark

Do the creators want to kill all the good looking men from the show? Is there no eye candy left? They are leaving me with Theon Greyjoy, really? The red wedding was a massacre! George R R Martin and the makers love to give us all small heart attacks. I kept chanting "please god let him live, I will quit watching Game of Thrones" while watching that entire scene. Alas, he died and I continued watching. :|
Yes you idiot, you don't mess with Walder Frey.

4) Oberyn Martell

Too much herogiri killed this fella terribly! Had to close my eyes for a brief moment there when he got killed. (brutal +shocking + more shocking) George R R Martin invents some amazingly new ways to kill people.
If only it was true Oberyn!

5) Khal Drogo

Drogo's death was probably the most lamest one! Imagine this, a 6.5 feet tall + huge monstrous guy dies of a measly infection. I pity the manliness of that man. Nevertheless, Khal Drogo, your hotness is unmatched. (that butt though😎)
We feel ya bro! 

6) Ygritte

When Ygritte died, my faith in love broke into multiple pieces! Her character was not only fun, sexy, strong, but she was the only one who could get away with pulling Jon Snow's leg multiple times. How cute did they both look?! ♥ Jon+Ygritte, #LoveGoals #CoupleGoals 
Guys, you knew this was coming! Plus we all should thank Ygritte for this one!

7) Sandor "The Hound" Clegane 

Just when I started to enjoy and like this character, poof! killed! gone forever! Meaning - never ever make a bond with any of the Game of Thrones characters. His relationship with Arya Stark and their scenes together was really interesting to watch. Cheers to The Hound!
hahaha! His best dialogue ever!

8) Joffrey Baratheon 

Like every bone in Sansa's body hated Joffrey, so did we! But it was King Joffrey and his cruelty, arrogance, and viciousness that made season 2 and season 3 super entertaining. By far, he was the best man (boy) to sit on that Iron Throne! (hey now don't judge me or throw stones at me). I was waiting for that glorious moment when King Joffrey would die, but as soon as he died the pace of show went down down down for me. 

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy you sadists 😛
All Hail His Grace

Finally, I leave you with some more Jon Snow! Let's enjoy till it lasts. :)

That hair though! Mr. Snow, you are killing it!😎😎😎

 Guys, comment below and let me know who is on top of your list. Can't wait to read your answers!


  1. OMG! Really? I'm just watching season 2 and I haven't expected such news. I didn't need to browse here! I want to forget this information!

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