About me

Shifting gears from IT to Fashion is a far-fetched dream in a typical South Indian setting. But, it is said that one must never stop dreaming! Here I am ditching my IT profession and setting foot into the fashion world.
My experiments with creativity started at 5 when my mom introduced me to the art of singing. I also spent 7 years training in Bharatnatyam. One skill led to another and I picked up painting. To be deliberately over-dramatic, I have finally realized that I am entrenched with creativity!!! ;).

A hobby in creative thinking and an envy of other artists can be a potent mix for other motivations. My joy for travel and photography go hand-in-hand. The styles in a new place keep driving me to go CLICK CLICK CLICK. A new city, a new angle, a new cuisine, a new accessory, or, for that matter, a new sound keeps my styling focus grounded and yet forward. J

Why My Faded Denim

As a “fashion unconscious” and baggy salwar kameez-clad girl (ohh myyy!), a pair of jeans was my first definition in fashion. I followed every gen X - gen Y cusp girl into wearing a jeans and tee shirts was my go-to college, to travel, and to party!! We were not setting trends (let alone knowing what trends are) but we were comfortable and happy. (C+H).

Even though I know more now, that pair of denim is my reminder that any girl of any shape and size can pull off any style statement just by being C+H. This reminder also forms the vision for my blog I want to showcase women with different fields of achievements with a particular focus on how they solve their fashion and style puzzles to look great (this is where all the shapes and sizes come in). The puzzle can be solved by the simplest of tricks, such as a kajal, matte lipstick and neatly dressed hair.

As an aspiring fashion stylist, I want to create (possibly) trend-setting C+H looks for all.

PS - If you'd like to get featured on my blog, to get styled and to pose for a high-quality set of your pictures, contact me. We can make a fun day out of it. 
Drop me an email at myfadeddenim@gmail.com